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July 9, 2021By Jeff Michaels

Interview with Author J.N. Michaels

I love to take interviews. Maybe it’s because with a toddler around the house I’m always answering his questions about the world he sees, and he rarely asks me about my world. Why can’t I watch another Micky Mouse? What is Mickey doing? Where is Mickey going?

(We’re really into Mickey Mouse these days.)

I love answering toddler questions, but sometimes I just want to talk about what I’ve been doing outside of changing diapers and playing with all of Mickey’s friends. When I’m in between projects, there are not a lot of interview requests rolling in, so I do what any slightly narcissistic writer would do–I answer interview questions for other celebrities.

This interview came from Success Magazine in an article about comedian and co-founder of All Things Comedy (love the All Things clan), Al Madrigal. I hope the editors don’t mind me answering their same questions… if you do, I’d be happy to have you write new ones for me!

*Interview with J.N. Michaels

I’m MOTIVATED to Keep Going Every Day Because…

I enjoy the challenge. Life can’t be solved without a challenge in front of you. I can’t say I face all challenges equally, but having them there is important because they are the sign post that keeps you looking in the right direction. That’s motivation to me… finding each new challenge and overcoming it.


Getting on stage with my band for the first time. I still remember leaving the club and sitting in my car, doing vocal exercises and running through the lyrics in my head over and over again. I made it out to be so much more nerve-wracking that it needed. The moment I stepped on stage everything just fell into place. Things happened during the set. The pedal on my piano fell off, I think a drum collapsed, I just took it all in stride and I’ve never felt that stage freight again. But yes, the first time… you gotta go through it!

My FAVORITE PLACE to unwind is…

The golf course, or biking. Both provide a relief from the day. I purposely leave my phone in my golf back or on the back of my bike so I can focus on the activity and enjoy the time in nature. It’s very, very important!

I Define SUCCESS As…

I think it changes the older you get. I used to define success as having enough money in my checking account at the end of the week to cover my rent and expenses – always a close struggle! Then, I defined success as touching just one person with something I wrote or recorded, and I still do. Receiving that email about how someone you’ve never met enjoys your work is priceless. Success is also staying true to your goals, which I find more and more difficult now with a family and a few more obligations than I had when I was running alone in the world. But sticking to you goals and completing them, no matter what the outcome, is success in my book.

My BIGGEST MENTOR growing up was…

I’ve been fortunate to have several. My dad was and always will be my biggest fan and advice-giver, whether he realizes it or not. In seventh grade came home and announced that I’d won one of class superlative awards and when I told him to guess which one he didn’t need to–he smiled, and said I’d won Most Likely to Succeed… and he was right. His faith in me has kept me going through the may iterations of my career, even when I knew to call it quits on some projects and move onto others. I was also blessed with a wonderful music teacher in seventh grade who took me under his wing and showed me how to play rock and roll like it’s supposed to be played. Later, I also met Robert Thompson, a published author who really showed me not just about the world of writing, but the world at large.

I GIVE BACK to My Community By…

Raising money for organizations is a big part of what I do. I’ve headed fundraising efforts for both cancer research and Parkinson’s disease and captained team bike rides, riding hundreds of miles and raising over $300,000 from our efforts.

People WOULD BE SURPRISED to learn…

I couldn’t sing until well into my twenties. I had a dream of having my own band, but literally could not sing a single note. It took nearly two decades of vocal lessons to just sound adequate. The piano and the writing came naturally, but not the voice. But I got there.

My Go-to-Feel-Good Movie…

Anchor Man.

Enjoyed this not-quite-real interview with author J.N. Michaels? Feel free to reach out for a real request!

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